"Hey. I heard you’re an athlete. Why are you so short?"

"Aomine, stop harassing the newcomers."


I Swear to Kami-sama I’m Hetero: an Autobiography by Momotaro Mikoshiba

Track: Toxic (originally by Britney Spears)
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001. Toxic | Melanie Martinez

I took a sip from a devil’s cup
It’s taking over me 


Free! x Pokemon (Click the images for larger size). Rin + Fennekin & Sousuke + Piplup. It’s been a while to draw pokemons. I enjoy drawing them. (◕‿◕✿)


Free! x Pokemon (Click the images for larger size).

Story of Rei and Eevee 

Rei thought Eevee is beautiful and perfect pokemon. (not sure what’s his standard) Eevee also knew that he loves his ‘beauty’. However, when Rei started to swimming, both of them couldn’t swim at all. Eevee wanted to evolve to Vaporeon to help him with swimming and Rei appreciated of his kindness. In the end, Eevee evolved to Vaporeon and help him with swimming. 


Free! x Pokemon (Click the images for larger size).

Story of Nagisa and Pikachu

This is the last comic of Free Pokemon!AU, but I will draw more Pokemon!AU or other AU in the future. I enjoyed it a lot. I’m so glad many people like this AU, Thank you again! (◡‿◡✿) (◕‿◕✿)


Have I mentioned yet how much I love my multishipping beautiful writing buddies?

New favorite KNB rare pair: Mitobe/Sakurai

And fucking cripes… Midorima and Takao being daddies to a little girl like Naru (from Barakamon) has to be one of the cutest fucking AUs we’ve ever shot the shit about.

Highlights of the rare pair

WingedMermaid: we could call them silent apology

Valkyrie Rising: Sakurai probably wouldn’t feel like he has to apologize all the time, Since Mitobe won’t say anything

Fanonorcanon: Sakurai would talk a lot, about how he feels useless, and is always thanking Mitobe for listening. Mitobe would just nod and smile. They start cooking bentos together, sharing tips. Mitobe spends some time unwinding at Sakurai’s because there’s less noise

WingedMermaid: and maybe sometimes Sakurai stops by Mitobe’s in the morning to help feed the horde of siblings…

Valkyrie Rising: I get the impression that Sakurai doesn’t like talking much.  He rarely does, when he isn’t apologizing

WingedMermaid: But maybe Sakurai is just kind of too nervous to talk and over time he starts telling Mitobe everything when they’re lying together on the couch

Fanonorcanon: Oh, and they fall out of contact after high school. But reconnect a few years later. Sakurai is glad to see him. He still feels insignificant (this time at his salary man job). Mitobe works at a shrine where everyone thinks he’s taking a vow of silence.

WingedMermaid: Oh! And maybe when they meet Sakurai is so nervous that Mitobe doesn’t know what to do so he takes him home and feeds him. Then when Sakurai can’t stop apologizing he start talking to calm him down; so Sakurai just sits there and listens and maybe lets Mitobe stroke his hair as he listens and slowly calms down.

Highlights of MidoTaka Family AU

WingedMermaid: Can you imagine her sticking a cicada case on him and telling him that it’s okay because it’s today’s lucky item? Then he spends all day being really super careful (because those things are hella fragile). Unfortunately I think it’d snowball and Takao would have to step in before Midorima left the house covered in them one day…

Valkyrie Rising: I think he’d actually be such a conscientious daddy. (Shin-chan that is)

WingedMermaid: the kind who looks super strict but is actually internally freaking out because he forgot to put a note in her lunch for daycare or something

Valkyrie Rising: He’d learn how to do her hair perfectly and would get so unhappy when she’d come home with it full of twigs and leaves from playing. Takao would scold him “Shin-chan, she was just having fun!” They’d clean it all out and sit outside eating popsicles

Fanonorcanon: Midorima being the tsun tsun, would be stoic, but buy stuff like sparklers and blame it on Takao, who would just smile, and accept the “blame”

Valkyrie Rising: Shin-chan would teach her perfect firefly catching methods. And of course Takao would; Daddy Shin-chan can’t be seen as allowing such wild things

Fanonorcanon: someone has to be the voice of reason

WingedMermaid: Takao would also look the other way when Shin-chan slipped her little treats occasionally, or if things ‘fell’ into their grocery cart from time to time. Can you imagine Takao having to drag Shin-chan off and chew him out for being mean to the little boys at the playground who all wanna play with her? (Scaring them off with his stern face and the evil shine from his glasses)

Valkyrie Rising: KAZUNARI! Let me go!  I cannot allow such things!

Fanonorcanon: I’m just picturing shin challenging a possible bf to a shoot out

Valkyrie Rising: “If you cannot present diligence in all things, even basketball, how can you dare to think you’re good enough for my daughter?”

wingedmermaid and valkyrie-reborn are fantastic ladies who listen to me ramble about AUs and pairings. They come up with amazing ideas.

And a big thank you to leona-dracontis for posting the brilliant idea of the MidoTaka family AU. (Source